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Al Sherkow is a capacity planning and performance consultant for IBM's mainframe computers. He is also recognized as the leading industry expert on the crucial subject of IBM’s new software pricing model Workload License Charges (WLC). This expertise is the basis of the LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS™) Software. LCS is the only WLC Pricing tool available in the world! LCS helps sites study and understand Workload License Charges including: estimation of your aggregated software invoices, value of zIIP and zAAP engines, recommended SCRT overrides. With LCS you can audit your SCRT reports and estimate your invoices weeks before they arrive. LCS provides alerts when products reach new billable peaks and when additional Value Units must be acquired for IPLA products.

Al is an industry expert regarding the configuration and planning of processors and PR/SM. Understanding and leveraging PR/SM and IRD are required to achieve lower software charges with WLC. He regularly helps clients through consulting, classes, magazine articles, papers and dozens of presentations. Al's resume.

The LCS Pricing Interactive Report has been updated to analyze the software charges for z13, including the Technology Update Pricing and the Transition Pricing. The latest pricing changes including z/OS V2 are also in LCS_PRICING, and both commercial and GSA pricing tables are included. The interactive report's "Single Machine Metrics" tab will allow you compare the current workload and software charges for EWLC to what the charge would be if moved to a z114 with AEWLC.

LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software helps you plan, implement, monitor and audit WLC. Why aren't you using LCS? LCS is the only tool that lets you analyze your environment so you can determine if you are on the optimal IBM pricing plan. LCS provides timely information you can use to manage your IBM Software charges, and perhaps reduce your invoice. With LCS you can audit IBM's Sub Capacity Reporting Tool and the resulting IBM invoices! Read the brochure for a description of all the LCS capabilities.

Samples of LCS Reports are Available Online!

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SCRT V25, IBM's Jan 1 Pricing Updates
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Read Al's latest comments (17 September 2013) related to the COBOL V5 Pricing, SCRT and LCS

IBM's Comment on Our LCS Software:

"As stated in the Mainframe Charter, IBM is focused on enhancing the value proposition of zSeries solutions. IBM believes that its Workload License Charge ("WLC") software pricing metric is an important proof point of our focus in this area. For customers interested in understanding the potential benefits of WLC, there is a third party tool from Al Sherkow's I/S Management Strategies Ltd called the LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software. This software can enable customers to compare and contrast the cost of certain software under various pricing methodologies."
           — IBM zSeries Executive, Terri Virnig

The LPAR-PRICING-L discussion list is also now available specifically for LPAR Pricing topics.

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