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Founded in 1988, I/S Management Strategies, Ltd. provides interrelated educational, technical and technological planning services in the areas of performance management and capacity, tactical and strategic planning. Clients in the United States and Europe use our capabilities of senior executive consulting and the designing and implementing of effective programs for capacity planning, performance analysis, accounting and chargeback, I/O configuration, and hardware installation planning. Our most recent consulting engagement is an assessment of capacity planning processes for a large e-commerce organization.

The purpose of our consulting is to provide advice and information to our clients so that they can make better decisions. Our clients range in size from small organizations to firms in the Fortune 500. Tactical plans based on Capacity, Performance and Application requirements provide a framework in which to evaluate new software and hardware technologies. Many firms, without the consulting and planning services we provide, evaluate announcements and requirements based on their current budget. These evaluations are often short-sighted.

The goal of Capacity Planning is to have the required number of resources at the required time, while minimizing capital expenditures and operating costs. Surprises can be avoided with a good capacity plan. Capacity planning also provides important data for the budgeting process. This planning should be based on a well tuned system. We will work with clients to tune their systems. This can be done through onsite workshops or as traditional consulting assignments.

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