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Sounds of Mice

From BIRDBAND 8Oct2000

From Barb Beck

Subject Re [BIRDBAND] sound of mice


The mouse sounds are on my ftp site. You can get them by anonymous ftp or by pointing your browser to    

The ones with the "L" at the end of the word MOUSE (1,2 and 4) were recorded with a lot of litter in the cage. Those without had little (4 and 5). The litter causes lots of "scurring" sounds. Please let us know how it works.We would like to know if you find them useful.

These sounds are copyrighted by Barb and Jim Beck 1999. You are free to use them and copy them for noncommercial purposes. If you use them please give us credit.

Barb and Jim Beck, Department of Renewable Resources

University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Barb Beck


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