Yellow Warbler Incomplete Molt?

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On 14 June 2002 at the RENC MAPS site we captured a Yellow Warbler (dendroica petechia) with an incomplete molt of both wings. Primaries 4 through 6 show feather wear leading us to think this bird has undergone an incomplete molt.

This bird (2240-12602) was initially banded on 19May 2001, during our annual bandathon. At that time it was aged as ASY based on plumage criteria in the "Identification Guide to No. American Birds (1997)" by Pyle. The PCOVs, RECTs and Head all indicated an ASY. The bird was recaptured 12 days later by another bander at our MAPS site and again aged ASY by plumage. We caught the bird for a third time on 14 June 2002 and a third bander aged the bird ASY by plumage. The PCOVs, Head and Upperparts were indicative of ASY; the primaries showed extensive wear on P4-P6 of both wings indicating a possible SY bird, and the SCOVs and Terts, and Underparts indicated AHY.

Pyle's Molt section includes "some AHYs occasionally suspend flight-feather replacement during fall migration". I assumed that a suspended migration would complete on the wintering grounds, but perhaps that is not the case. Or on this bird that is not the case. Hopefully we'll again recapture this bird, and can further study it.

Please look at the pictures on the linked pages and let me know what you think of this bird with an Email.


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