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LCS_Pricing What-If: Reduced MSUs Demo

IBM's z990 machines offered a “technology improvement” that reduced the number of Software MSUs that a given workload required. If you moved a workload from a z900 to a z990 less Software MSUs were required.

The z9-109 machines offer another “technology improvement” and you can analyze the impact on your monthly software charges with the LCS_Pricing Interactive Report delivered with Release 02.05. The LCS SMF Component builds a single transfer file with the MSU usage of your products on your machines. The demonstration begins with opening a new LCS_Pricing Interactive Report using the LCS Release 02.05 Interactive Report templates. Next the AGPRIC transfer file is imported into Excel and the information is copied into the new LCS_Pricing Interactive Report. The demo continues by showing the steps necessary to reduce the MSUs by 8%. The LCS_Pricing Interactive Report computes the reduced monthly software charge based on the reduced MSUs. (The z9-109 machines may offer more or less “technology improvement”, but you can use a different percentage).

This is the first demonstation of this type created for LCS. Suggestions and other comments are always appreciated.

Click here to start the larger version of the demo (for screens larger than 1024x768).

Click here to start the smaller version of the demo (for screens between 800x600 and 1024x768).



Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 July, 2005

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