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With LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software you can tune your IBM MLC invoice similar to traditional performance tuning that Al has been helping clients with since 1988. Most licensees reduce their software charges month after month after month.

The LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software is the only tool available to assist installations in planning for, implementing, monitoring and leveraging IBM’s Workload License Charges (WLC). LCS reads your SMF data and prepares interactive reports that can help you decrease your IBM software charges month after month. LCS is truly unique. No other tool is available that combines information about your licensed software products, analysis of utilization data, and prices to provide near real-time estimates of your software charges. LCS allows sites to "tune" their IBM monthly software invoices!

Large and small sites have licensed LCS throughout the US and the world (Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom).

"As stated in the Mainframe Charter, IBM is focused on enhancing the value proposition of zSeries solutions. IBM believes that its Workload License Charge ("WLC") software pricing metric is an important proof point of our focus in this area. For customers interested in understanding the potential benefits of WLC, there is a third party tool from Al Sherkow's I/S Management Strategies Ltd called the LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software. This software can enable customers to compare and contrast the cost of certain software under various pricing methodologies."
                - IBM zSeries Executive, Terri Virnig

LCS has two components the Mainframe SMF Component and the Interactive Reports Component. Both components provide “what-if” capabilities that installations ask for when they are considering and analyzing WLC.

  • LCS allows you to vary hardware and software configurations
  • LCS allows you to move LPARs from one machine to another
  • LCS allows you to move software between LPARs or machines
  • LCS allows you to study consolidating multiple machines onto another machine
  • LCS allows you to study the effects of using defined capacity, including the change in software charges, and the impact on your workloads

The Mainframe SMF Component processes your SMF data, including additional data not used by IBM's Sub-Capacity Report Tool. The reports are quite extensive and designed to give you daily and monthly reporting of your environment and estimates of your IBM software charges month-to-date. Some of these reports can be exported for use with the Interactive Reports Component.

The LCS Planning Interactive Reports are really Excel templates. As you change parameters and configurations the interactive Reports update immediately. Interactive Reports are provided for Pricing Analysis, Consolidation Analysis, Defined Capacity, and LPAR Configuration.

LCS's Value

The reports from LCS help you understand the how full-capacity WLC and sub-capacity WLC charges compare to PSLC charges. LCS is the only available tool that provides reports you can use to Audit SCRT. LCS's planning Interactive Reports help you optimize your use of WLC. With LCS you can understand the effect of changing the defined capacity on your monthly charges and on your workloads. The LCS User Guide includes a 10-step process to evaluate WLC full capacity, WLC sub-capacity, monitoring WLC, Audit WLC, and optimize WLC.

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Read what people are saying about LCS
Licensing Licensing Information, there are two different versions depending on whether you are likely to use a z8x0 processors, or the larger z900, z990, z9-109 processors.
High Level View See the flow of SMF data into SCRT and LCS and an overview of Sub-Capacity billing
Planning for WLC If you are not using WLC today read how LCS can help with planning
Using WLC LCS can help with implementation, monitoring and auditing
Functional Description What does LCS do?
Prerequisites Prerequisites, required software
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