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LCS High Level View


This chart shows the flow of your SMF data into IBM's Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool and LCS.

In addition to processing the SMF70 and SMF89 data that SCRT processes, LCS also processes SMF30 and SMF72 data. The SMF30 data is analyzed to correctly identify the Simultaneous 4-Hour Rolling Averages for the products that do not produce SMF89 data.

You can use this additional information to Review and Modify the SCRT Output Spreadsheet before sending it to IBM. The LCS Recommended MSUs may be entered in the 'Customer MSU' column of your SCRT report. Your 'Customer Comment', the reason for changing the SCRT report should be 'due to deeper analysis of the SMF data with LCS'. Month after month LCS can lower your software charges through the additional processing and analysis of the SMF30 data.

LCS High Level Flow


Last Updated: Thursday, 10 November, 2005

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