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LCS Can Help With Planning

LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software provides all the "tools" you need to evaluate IBM's Workload License Charges (WLC) for your environment. LCS completely emulates SCRT on your existing hardware and software. An advantage of using LCS is that you do not have to use parameters to indicate to LCS where the non-89 products are running. LCS will work with any IBM-compatible mainframe and with OS/390 or z/OS. Using LCS you can determine:

  • which Variable WLC products are on which mainframes,
  • the simultaneous four hour rolling averages for each product,
  • estimated monthly software charges for PSLC, Full-capacity WLC and Variable WLC

LCS's Interactive Reports Component provide you capabilities to do "What-If" analysis on your workstation. You can change the simultaneous four-hour rolling averages and observe how the changes in monthly charges. You can also investigate how defined capacity could impact your software charges, and also how your workloads would be impacted.

Perhaps the hardest task in evaluating IBM's Workload License Charges (WLC) is understanding what WLC is and what it is not. Since it's announcement in October 2000 WLC has gone through a number of changes. I refer to this as the evolution of WLC, and I believe WLC will continue to evolve. The best technique to educate your "site" including technical staff, and software asset managers is our seminar.

Last Updated: Saturday, 25 October, 2003

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