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LCS Licensing

LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software is licensed on an annual basis. There are four components, two for z9BC, z10BC, and z114 sites, and two for sites with the larger z9EC, z10EC, z196, and zEC12 processors.

Supported Environments
Special Introductory Annual Fee
LCS Midrange Interactive Reports
per Midrange (z114, z9BC) machine
MS Excel
LCS Midrange SMF Component
per Midrange (z114, z10BC, z9BC) machine
LCS zSeries Interactive Reports
per 20,000 MSU
data center
MS Excel
LCS zSeries SMF Component
per 20,000 MSU
data center

The LCS license includes a Money-Back Guarantee if you have a technical reason why the software failed to meet your expectations.

The Introductory zSeries Package for sites in the US lower 48 states includes the LCS zSeries SMF Component, the LCS zSeries Interactive Reports, and one day of onsite consulting for $17,000USD (including expenses). The consulting can occur after you have installed LCS and processed 1 month's SMF data. I can then be on-site to go over the reports with you and assist in using the LCS Interactive Reports to do "what-if" analysis. Alternatively, I can help you install LCS, set up the parameters and assist in loading your data. When the required SMF data (70s, 72s, 30s and 89s) are on DASD, LCS can process one month's data, from two machines (12 LPARs) with 15 minute RMF intervals in under 20 minutes wall clock time on a z900-1C7. The reporting process for a month of data from the same environment requires about 15 minutes. Of course this depends upon the other work on the system. LCS can typically be installed and running in a few hours.

Additional information on the prerequisites is available here.

Sample LCS License Agreements

The licensing documents were based on similar documents for MXG and for CPExpert (with Barry's and Don's permission). Changes were made specifically for LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis. These sample agreements are for your review, however you should request the our “standard” documents before ordering LCS. Note that the terms and conditions in these sample documents may be changed without notice.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 April, 2013

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