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LCS Can Help You Exploit WLC

LCS provides the reports to help you monitor and audit WLC. LCS will report each day, the rolling four hour average so far in the month for each product. If there is an aberation, it will be identified by LCS and can quickly be corrected. For example: Cobol only runs on two LPARs, but on June 10th it begins running on two other LPARs. Was this planned? Is it necessary? You can take steps to keep products where you have planned them.

LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software completely emulates SCRT providing an audit capability. There are no other tools available that can audit SCRT.

LCS has created the concept of Expendable MSUs which are based on your WLM Goals and Importance settings. While you are analyzing and tuning Defined Capacity settings LCS is the only tool that helps you understand the impact on your workload as well as the impact on your budget!

LCS provides reports to monitor your workloads and "What-if" capabilities so you can study changes in workloads, defined capacities, and more.

With the LCS Pricing Interactive Report you can change the capacity of a machine, move products, plan changes in defined capacity and immediately see the results.

Last Updated: Saturday, 25 October, 2003

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