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The Mainframe SMF Component of LCS requires SAS Base software from SAS Institute, and MXG software from Merrill Consultants. MXG requires only the Base SAS product, and MXG can run under OS/390, z/OS, Windows NT, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista or UNIX to process data records. SAS runs fine on a PC with Windows and can read the SMF data using FTP as an access method without even moving the data to the PC!

Windows XP Professional is the primary development platform for LCS. Testing is completed on Windows XP, and z/OS.

Our development plans include future support for CA-NeuMICS. Support for SAS Institute's ITSV/ITRM software has been fully implemented with SAS's assistance, but has not yet been tested in a customer's production environment.

The LCS Interactive Reports are Microsoft Excel templates. Excel Version 97 has been used for greatest compatibility. Excel 2000, Excel XP and Excel 2002 are also supported. The macros used in the Interactive Reports have been digitally signed and are compatible with Microsoft Office's "high" macro security setting.

Last Updated: Sunday, 26 October, 2008

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