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LPAR and Parallel Sysplex Capacity Planning Update©

Generated 25October2000

Presented at the CMG 2000 in Orlando,
OS/390 Expo and Performance Conference in Washington, D.C.
An Earlier Version Was Presented at the Share Conference in Anaheim

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Table of Contents

  • LPAR Capacity Planning Update©
  • What is Capacity Planning?
  • Resources Working Together
  • LPAR Overview
  • Why You Want Parallel Sysplex
  • What Is Making Decisions?
  • IRD-CPU Management
  • Software Pricing
  • Summary
Author: Alan M. Sherkow


Phone: (414)332-3062

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Al Sherkow is world renown as a capacity-planning expert for IBM compatible mainframes, DASD, and tape. Furthermore he has in-depth experience in configuration needs assessments, development of justifications, I/O configuration design, and executive presentations for hardware acquisitions. His wide range of experience and accomplishments include:

  • Technical programming, capacity planning and acquisition, performance management and technical consulting.
  • DASD management, planning, acquisition, contracting and implementation.
  • Software migration, management, and implementation strategies: OS/390 and DFSMS.
  • Development of corporate strategies for automated operations, hardware technologies, and emerging technologies.
  • Expert witness on software licensing and technological differences between mainframes and DASD subsystems.
Mr. Sherkow is affiliated with IBM as a Parallel Sysplex Gold Consultant.

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