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Updated October 2006: Save More Money with WLC and Soft Capping - This is an advanced presentation for those with an understanding of Workload License Charges, and Defined Capacity. Many sites are asking questions about WLC including:

  • How do I use Capping to Control Software Charges?
  • What Value Should the Defined Capacity be set to?
  • What Should the Value Be After Adding Engines to the CPC?
  • What is the Impact of Changing the Defined Capacity?

It is possible to compute an optimal Defined Capacity value based on historical data. This session will describe a new analysis process that integrates WLM Service Class Goals with 4 hour rolling averages to help you determine optimal defined capacity values for your LPARs.

This presentation will provide examples from a site using Defined Capacity and Saving Money!


Last Updated: 16-Oct-2006

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