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Home > Updates > 9 September 2003 Update (this page)

This update includes:

  1. New EWLC pricing metric for z800s.
  2. An Example Demonstrating Lower z/OS Monthly Charges due to IBM's Mainframe Charter Initiatives.
  3. A graphical analysis showing the pricing evolution of z/OS below 315 MSUs
  4. The LPAR-PRICING-L discussion list is also now available specifically for LPAR Pricing topics.
Tuesday, September 9th, IBM announced LPAR Pricing for z800s with Entry Workload License Charge (EWLC). Similar to Variable Workload License Charge (VWLC) for the z900 and z990 EWLC will use the combined simultaneous 4-hour rolling average of the LPARs a product executes in as the basis for the product's charge each month. This provides more granularity than zELC which was based on the hardware capacity, regardless of the actually utilization of the machine. The chart at the right shows the monthly charge for z/OS on the various z800 models, click here for a larger image and more information. Once you choose EWLC you cannot go back to zELC if you did the analysis wrong! z800 z/OS Charges, zELC Compared to EWLC
Last month on 22Aug2003, IBM introduced their Mainframe Charter. (It was the subject of the August update.) One initiative of the charter discussed lower monthly charges for simultaneous 4-hour rolling averages less than 315 MSUs. A second initiative was the “resizing” of the z990 models. The chart at the right shows the impact of both these changes, click here for a larger image and more information. z990 Mainframe Charter Impact on z/OS Monthly Charge
Another view of the z/OS Pricing Evolution is shown by examining the range from 1 to 375 MSUs. This highlights the lowering of the entry point for Variable WLC to 3 MSUs, as well as the mainframe charter related z/OS "price per MSU" changes below 315 MSUs. Click here for a larger image and more information z/OS Pricing Evolution

The LPAR-PRICING-L discussion list is for discussing issues and questions about LPAR Pricing for zSeries machines. IBM's Workload License Charge is available for z900s, z990s, and z800s. IBM's new Entry Workload License Charge is available for z800s only. Related topics of other pricing metrics are welcome, as well as issues related to software asset management.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 October, 2004

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