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spacer Al Sherkow Periodically new information about Workload License Charges, and LPAR Pricing is added to the web site.

July 2015: Country Multiplex Pricing

September 2013: COBOL V5 Technology and Pricing Trade Offs.

January 2013: "Technology Update Pricing for AWLC" is dicussed. This was introduced with the zEnterprise EC12 machines and offers lower monthly license charges to any site or PricingPlex installing zEC12s.

February 2012: z/OS Price Increases Effective 1 April 2012. This updates shows that while many tiers of z/OS were adjusted around 6% the impact on your full software stack is more likely near 2%.

July 2010: zEnterprise 196 Hardware, AWLC and IBM Software Pricing

January 2010: SCRT V18.1.1 and the need to be using LCS

December 2008: Message IWM063I Indicating Processor Speed Change and SCRT

August 2005: Software MSUs, Hardware MSUs and MIPS estimates for IBM z9-109 Servers

August 2004: Now there are three types of IPLA Sub-Capacity Pricing. Tools are now priced based on the "Reference" Product they work with.

December 2003: IBM links to LCS, Moving to WLC

September 2003: LPAR Pricing for z800s, examples of IBM's Mainframe Charter impact, graphical analysis of z/OS Pricing Evolution below 375 MSUs

August 2003: Lowered MSUs for z990s, Lowered Prices on z/OS for Smaller Installations and New Workloads

May 2003: z990 and WLC Opportunities, Full Capacity WLC, Clarification of Single Version Charges, and Expendable MSUs Analysis with LCS.

February 2003: Answers to the Frequent Questions about WLC

December 2002: ILM Has Been Canceled, Get Going with SCRT

November 2002: Go ahead with the SCRT, Stop Waiting for ILM

April 2002: IBM's April 30, 2002 Announcements. The new "Utilization Model"

March 2002: IBM schedules delivery of the IBM License Manager

Fall 2001: Update and Status of WLC





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